ty johnson

Maryland's Ty Johnson scores a 4-yard touchdown in the third quarter against Rutgers.

Maryland's Ty Johnson makes it in for a 6-yard touchdown against Rutgers in the first quarter.

Maryland's Ty Johnson scores an 100-yard kick-off return touchdown against Ohio State in the first quarter.

Check out Maryland's Ty Johnson on his game-winning TD run against the Gophers.

Maryland RB Ty Johnson takes the hand-off and goes 34 yards for the score against Minnesota.

Maryland's top RB was good from the very start of his football playing career. See his high school highlights.

How did one of the top RBs in the Big Ten learn to play football?

The Maryland RB takes you back to his hometown and explains why it's different.

Howard Griffith breaks down the execution between Maryland's Kasim Hill and Ty Johnson on this big TD run.

Maryland running back Ty Johnson talks with Mike Hall about his hot start this season.