sports lite with mike hall

sports lite with mike hall

Charlie Hall, Sanjay Lumpkin and Aaron Falzon play the Whisper Challenge with Mike Hall. Catch an all new Sports Lite on March 6 at 10pm ET.

LA correspondent Jeff Cesario sits down with Michigan alum and NFL Network host Rich Eisen.

BTN football analyst Matt Millen reads mean tweets directed at him on Twitter.

A snippet of Mike's opening monologue, and his Superlatives of the season, from the Dec. 7th episode of Sports Lite.

Minnesota's Emmit Carpenter gives Nick Vatterott and Mike Hall some tips on how to kick a field goal.

Matt Millen sits down to read the terrible things people tweet about him. Watch more on Sports Lite with Mike Hall.

Mike Hall learns how to tie knots from Badger quarterback and eagle scout Bart Houston.

LA correspondent Jeff Cesario visits with actor and comedian Bill Burr.

NYC correspondent Nick Vatterott heads to Broadway for “Big Ten: The Musical”.

Mike Hall heads to East Lansing to play Pictionary with Darrell Stewart, Jr., R.J. Shelton and Gerald Holmes.