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Evan Kennedy & Coach Waz discussed the pregame graduation ceremony & the 7-6 win vs. Oral Roberts. Kennedy's pinch-hit homer in the 8th inning proved to be the defining swing of the game.

Coach Waz remained positive about what his team has accomplished this season while acknowledging Sunday's loss at Ohio State was certainly in an unexpected fashion.

Coach Waz & Evan Warden discuss the important parts of the Boilermakers' 8-game win streak that has vaulted them into 3rd place in the Big Ten with 3 weekends to go.

Purdue baseball coach Mark Wasikowski talks about the series vs. Tulane.

Mark Wasikowski discusses Purdue Baseball's season-ending loss to UMD & recaps his first season with the Boilermakers.

Mark Wasikowski's postgame press conference after Purdue's 15-9 loss to Nebraska at the B1G Tournament.

Mark Wasikowski discusses Purdue's return to the Big Ten Tournament in his first season as head coach.

Gareth Stroh, Coach Wasikowski, Tanner Andrews & Jacson McGowan preview the Big Ten Tournament.