kenny goins

Michigan State's Kenny Goins goes up and throws it down against Minnesota in the second half.

Joshua Langford dishes to Kenny Goins for a second half dunk.

Eron Harris dishes to Kenny Goins for a second half dunk against Rutgers.

Matt McQuaid feeds Kenny Goins who throws down a first half dunk.

Cassius Winston dishes to Kenny Goins who makes an easy layup and gets the foul call.

Michigan State's Kenny Goins runs it for a big time block against Oral Roberts in the first half.

Maryland's Lorenzo Harrison runs for an 8-yard touchdown against Michigan State, that led to a successful two-point conversion by Kenneth Goins Jr.

Michigan State's Kenny Goins knocks down the dunk against Maryland in the first half.

Michigan State's Kenny Goins thorws down the dunk against Northwestern.