Indiana football coach Tom Allen flexes his wrestling skills on Mike Hall.

Rutgers' Charles Snorweah makes a big catch for the team white in the quarter of the scrimmage.

Our camera guy took a hard hit during the Penn State spring football game on Saturday.

Who do you think is the better dancer between Spice Adams and Saquon Barkley? Take your pick!

Spice Adams makes a field goal attempt during the Penn State spring football festivities.

Antoine Brooks makes an interception for the red team in the Maryland spring football scrimmage.

Kendric Pryor makes a BTNStandout play with this catch during Wisconsin spring game.

Six year old Declan Killeen Toomey plays the National Anthem with his violin before the start of the Wisconsin spring football scrimmage.

Jake Gervase gets the pick six for the gold team in the second quarter of the Iowa scrimmage.

CB Brandon Watson gets a pick six for the Blue team in the third quarter.