Iowa's Nicholas Baer makes a big block against Indiana to close the first half.

Illinois' Tracy Abrams answers Northwestern's dunk with a three-pointer in the first half.

Illinois' Kipper Nichols gets a big block against Northwestern in the first half.

Purdue's Dakota Mathias scores at tough three-pointer in the second half against Penn State.

Penn State's Josh Reaves scores back-to-back dunks early in the second half.

Purdue's Vince Edwards gets the block and P.J. Thompson lands the 3-pointer on the other end against Penn State.

Mike Watkins gets three offensive rebounds back to back against Purdue in the first half.

Check out Doug Collins' roller coaster of emotions during the Northwestern win against Rutgers on Saturday night.

Purdue's Carsen Edwards drives in for the layup and the foul against Michigan State in the second half.

Illinois' Maverick Morgan gets the block and jumps in for the follow-up dunk on the other end against Iowa in the second half.