david blough

Coach Brohm took time to talk about his team, injured QB David Blough and this week's game against Northwestern.

Purdue QB David Blough leaves the field due to injury as the crowd cheers him on.

Purdue's David Blough runs for a 5-yard touchdown against Nebraska in the second quarter.

Purdue's Anthony Mahoungou hauls in the touchdown pass with one arm against Rutgers.

Purdue QB David Blough finds Cole Herdman for the touchdown against Minnesota.

Gerry DiNardo goes endzone to endzone with David Blough to talk about what's changed at Purdue for the QB under new head coach Jeff Brohm.

Purdue's David Blough completes a pass to Brycen Hopkins for a 2-yard touchdown against Louisville.

Dave, Gerry and Howard talk with Purdue quarterback David Blough about getting ready for the 2017 season.