Spice Adams almost catches a punt during the half time media challenge at Penn State.

Northwestern's Catie Ingrill's makes a BTNStandout play with this goal against Rutgers.

Kendric Pryor makes a BTNStandout play with this catch during Wisconsin spring game.

Maryland's Zoe Stukenberg passes to Caroline Steele for a #BTNStandout goal against Penn State.

Minnesota's Sam Macken sprints to rob the Wisconsin hitter for the #BTNStandout catch.

Michigan softball's Megan Betsa is the #BTNStandout after becoming a third time 300 strike out pitcher in the game against Michigan State.

Nebraska's Brison Cronenbold makes the bare-handed catch and tosses to first for an out in the 9th inning against Iowa.

Cole McDonald hauls in the line drive and tosses to first base for an inning-ending double play.

Maryland's Juli Strange hits a solo home run to tie the game against Michigan.