Iowa's Mason McCoy makes the athletic grab against Nebraska.

Maryland's Madison Nickens makes a diving catch that surprises even Jake Adams, the batter.

Iowa's Ben Norman makes a #BTNStandout throw for the out at third.

Michigan second baseman Ako Thomas gives us a BTNStandout play with this diving play against Indiana in the ninth inning.

Indiana's Alex Krupa makes a diving play against Michigan in the eighth inning to give us a BTNStandout play.

Michigan's Miles Lewis comes up with a major catch against Indiana in the first inning to give us a BTNStandout play.

Nebraska's Mojo Hagge makes a leaping catch above the outfield fence for a #BTNStandout play against Purdue.

Michigan's Michael Brdar uses the glove flip to get the out at third against Northwestern.

Michigan's Michael Brdar with the backhanded grab and flip to third base for the out against Northwestern.