The diving catch at third base leads to the double play for Illinois.

Purdue's Emily Kenny dives to get the out vs. Wisconsin.

Michigan's Courtney Richardson makes a diving BTNStandout catch for the first out of the game against Ohio State,

Minnesota's Cole McDevitt makes a diving play just behind first base and is able to make the out for a BTNStandout play.

The Gophers turn a double play in the top of the third against Indiana for a BTNStandout play.

Michigan State 2B Melanie Baccay makes the #BTNStandout play against Michigan to get the out.

Indiana's Matt Lloyd makes the grab and the flip to first base against Illinois.

Maryland lacrosse's Jen Giles gives us a BTNStandout play with her fourth goal of the game against Northwestern on Thursday.

Jesse Wilkening hits a three-run home run for a #BTNStandout play in the fifth inning against Creighton.