Purdue's Nick Dalesandro lays out for the catch in right field for the outstanding catch vs. Illinois.

Illinois' Ben Troike makes the grab and gets the out at first vs. Purdue.

Purdue's Harry Shipley makes a fantastic diving stop for the out at second base against Illinois.

Michigan's Michael Brdar makes the barehanded grab and swings it to second base for the out.

Take a look at the BTNStandout plays from Penn State, Rutgers, Wisconsin and Iowa during spring football this weekend.

Tommy Stevens' pass to DeAndre Thompkins during the Penn State spring football scrimmage is a BTNStandout play!

Spice Adams almost catches a punt during the half time media challenge at Penn State.

Northwestern's Catie Ingrill's makes a BTNStandout play with this goal against Rutgers.

Kendric Pryor makes a BTNStandout play with this catch during Wisconsin spring game.