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At the University of Michigan, researchers have partnered with Humanetics to design the next-generation of automotive crash test dummies that more accurately represent a range of ages and body types, giving car designers the data they need to create safer vehicles.

Most people don’t notice the contributions of the University of Nebraska’s Midwest Roadside Safety Facility until they need them. Engineers and students there are creating and testing the next generation of guardrails, barriers and other devices which stand silent sentry and save lives on our nation’s network of highways, interstates and bridges.

The University of Illinois’ College of Veterinary Medicine and Carle Foundation Hospital are training EMTs and firefighters on how to properly administer first aid and transport police dogs that are injured in the line of duty.

The author of the University of Iowa’s unprecedented wrestling dynasty, Olympian Dan Gable did more than just coach champions; he changed lives.

Despite its strength, in the presence of a raging inferno, steel will inevitably weaken and melt. This can lead to catastrophic outcomes in structural fires. Engineers from Michigan State University are working on ways to insulate steel supports so that first responders have more time to contain the blaze and save lives.

Two miles beneath the ocean’s surface, geologists and students from the University of Illinois dove deep to study the very formation of the Earth’s crust while exploring underwater volcanoes.

At the SOFTLAB@PSU, artists, designers, researchers and students collaborate on the next generation of computational textiles that allow our clothing to become a means of communication between our bodies and technology.

On the campus of Purdue University – where Amelia Earhart once served as a career advisor for young women – a collection of important items related to the iconic aviatrix keeps her legacy flying high.

To engage teens and pre-teens with the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts/design and mathematics, researchers and educators from the Northwestern University School of Education and Public Policy developed the FUSE challenge series, which range in theme from robotics to biotechnology to app development.

Keeping kids off the streets and in school, The Ohio State University’s Urban GEMS (Gardening Entrepreneurs Motivating Sustainability) program teaches students in underserved communities new skills and competencies through aeroponic agriculture.