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At the University of Michigan, researchers are tapping hydro-kinetic energy with an innovative piece of green technology that turns a waterway?s natural flow into a renewable power source.

By unlocking kids? potential, the Iowa Youth Writing Project is lighting up more than their budding literary talent; they?re helping young people get in touch with who they truly are.

By altering photosynthesis so that plants transition from sun to shade more quickly, University of Illinois biologists are dramatically increasing efficiency and boosting productivity.

With tissue samples from over 4,900 women, the Susan G. Komen Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer Center provides researchers with the material needed to craft a cure and beat breast cancer.

Dedicated to the democracy of ideas, the University of Minnesota is helping students across the nation defray the cost of higher education by making textbooks available online.

Offering job training, health care, recreation opportunities and a sense of community, The Ohio State University’s Star House provides a safe respite from the streets for young people in need.

From the lab to the hospital, Northwestern University’s collaborative community of researchers fosters innovation and potentially-lifesaving breakthroughs.

A state of the art facility, the University of Nebraska’s Phenotyping Greenhouse is helping scientists study and develop the plants best suited to feed our growing planet.

By studying the invisible spectrum of sunlight, Michigan State engineers are creating see-through solar panels that will integrate seamlessly into our lives.

Through the Swipe Out Starvation program, Purdue students are able to help fight hunger at home and abroad from the comfort of their campus.

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