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Through realistic simulations, Penn State is giving future physicians the chance to experience the pressure and realities of emergency medicine in disaster scenarios.

When Northwestern students gathered to create GlobeMed, little did they know that they were creating a program that would spread to 58 campuses encompassing over 2,000 students dedicated to enacting health-forward change around the world.

Bees are a crucial part of the ecosystem, and keeping their colonies healthy and robust is of the utmost importance. That?s why University of Minnesota entomologists are working tirelessly to restore the natural balance that bees need to survive and thrive.

The birthplace of modern satellite forecasting, the University of Wisconsin remains at the forefront of the field, partnering with NOAA to expand the scope of the eyes in the sky that keep us forewarned of weather threats.

Camera in hand, photographer Jeremy Dennis explores the lands and culture of the Shinnecock Indian Nation, capturing the reality and history of the Native American experience in the modern era.

Through the Swipe Out Starvation program, Purdue students are able to help fight hunger at home and abroad from the comfort of their campus.

By studying the invisible spectrum of sunlight, Michigan State engineers are creating see-through solar panels that will integrate seamlessly into our lives.

A state of the art facility, the University of Nebraska’s Phenotyping Greenhouse is helping scientists study and develop the plants best suited to feed our growing planet.

From the lab to the hospital, Northwestern University’s collaborative community of researchers fosters innovation and potentially-lifesaving breakthroughs.

Offering job training, health care, recreation opportunities and a sense of community, The Ohio State University’s Star House provides a safe respite from the streets for young people in need.