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From community gardens to solar-paneled rooftops, The University of Maryland Sustainability Fund powers projects across campus that are having a positive and palpable effect on the world around.

University of Iowa professor Craig Just applies leading-edge technologies to create sound and sustainable systems to move water into and out of our lives.

Go Baby Go @ IU pairs student therapists and engineers in an effort to make physical therapy fun and rewarding for children with cognitive and motor impairments.

By downloading a custom app, audience members are invited to become a part of the performance, as one University of Illinois professor looks to reimagine how modern dance is staged.

Promoting positive interactions, the College Park Dream Team project gives local and university police officers, children, and community members a chance to build bonds over basketball.

Via Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and more, University of Iowa librarians share the treasures in their stacks with a global audience.

Sharing their findings broadly and freely, The Visible Heart Lab at the University of Minnesota is reanimating hearts to better understand the functional anatomy of our most important muscle.

Kinesiologists at the University of Michigan are combatting childhood obesity with InPACT, an innovative program that incorporates physical activity into the classroom setting.

Since sounding the alarm in 2015 about the dangerous levels of lead in municipal water, Michigan State’s Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha has continued to fight for a healthy future for the children in Flint, MI.

Nebraska is a big state. So when students can’t make the trek to the University of Nebraska State Museum, the museum comes to them through virtual field trips.