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Camera in hand, photographer Jeremy Dennis explores the lands and culture of the Shinnecock Indian Nation, capturing the reality and history of the Native American experience in the modern era.

Through the Swipe Out Starvation program, Purdue students are able to help fight hunger at home and abroad from the comfort of their campus.

By studying the invisible spectrum of sunlight, Michigan State engineers are creating see-through solar panels that will integrate seamlessly into our lives.

A state of the art facility, the University of Nebraska’s Phenotyping Greenhouse is helping scientists study and develop the plants best suited to feed our growing planet.

From the lab to the hospital, Northwestern University’s collaborative community of researchers fosters innovation and potentially-lifesaving breakthroughs.

Offering job training, health care, recreation opportunities and a sense of community, The Ohio State University’s Star House provides a safe respite from the streets for young people in need.

Dedicated to the democracy of ideas, the University of Minnesota is helping students across the nation defray the cost of higher education by making textbooks available online.

Taking up Elon Musk’s Hyperloop challenge, University of Wisconsin students are applying a myriad of skills to create the eco-friendly, energy efficient next generation of human transport.

For students on the Autism spectrum, acclimating to college life can be difficult. But, thanks to an innovative program at Rutgers, those same students are building bonds and getting the support they need to navigate their new surroundings.

Across the network of Michigan Medicine hospitals, the Gifts of Art program offers patients exposure to music, literature and visual art that uplift the spirit as the body heals.