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Despite the racism from Hitler/Germany and a segregated America at the time, Jesse Owens makes Olympic history by being the first American to win four gold medals and America comes together to cheer him on.

Jesse Owens does what no athlete ever has, he broke four world records in the span of less than an hour.

This segment discusses the conditions Jesse Owens endured and how runners today would have struggled or couldn't compare to his accomplishments in those conditions.

A look into Jesse Owens' upbringing and a deeper view of where he came from.

A comparison between the biggest stars at the time: Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

An illustration of how Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and the talent they brought to college basketball set the tone for how The Final Four became The Final Four it is today.

An illustration of Magic Johnson leading Michigan State to a National Championship win, where he completely outshines Larry Bird.

A look at Magic Johnson fighting through pain to limp back into a game and lead Michigan State to a win over Ohio State despite his injury.

A look at how Red Grange carries the Fighting Illini to a major upset over Penn State.

An overview of Red Grange's last game and his emotional attachment to the University of Illinois.

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