Nebraska's Nate Fisher makes a behind the back grab vs. Kansas State.

Ty Weber threw a complete game with the wind blowing straight out at 20-25 MPH to give Illinois a 10-4 win over Rutgers on April 15 and finish a three-game series sweep.

A member of the Michigan operations crew gets pretty excited when he sees the weather is just right to allow for the game to begin.

Michigan's Ako Thomas makes a diving catch in the outfield for a #BTNStandout play.

Illinois baseball coach Dan Hartleb picks up his 400th win at Illinois in a 10-4 victory over Rutgers.

Illinois takes down Rutgers 10-4 to take the win and the series.

Illinois clinched a series win over Rutgers with a 2-1 victory Saturday, April 14 at Illinois Field.

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