amir coffey

Minnesota's Amir Coffey throws down a late game dunk against Maryland.

Amir Coffey comes up with a big steal and slam in the second overtime against Iowa.

Amir Coffey comes up with a steal and skam which is followed by a Reggie Lynch block against Peter Jok.

Nate Mason connects with Amir Coffey for a second half dunk against Ohio State.

Wisconsin's Ethan Happ gets the dunk and Minnesota's Amir Coffey answers with a three-pointer.

Minnesota's Amir Coffey lays it in against Wisconsin in the first half.

See Amir Coffey take on Ohio State at 7:30 ET. See him on the season premiere of The Journey immediately after.

Amir Coffey scored 19 points to help lead Minnesota to a 78-68 win over Ohio State.

Minnesota's Amir Coffey talks about his dunking and the win over Ohio State.

Amir Coffey drives through the defenders and throws down a big dunk and gets the foul call.