akrum wadley

Akrum Wadley overcame loss of playing time, fumbles and other struggles with help from his mom.

Iowa RB Akrum Wadley details his rise from the bottom of the depth chart to the Hawkeyes starting running back.

Iowa's Akrum Wadley scores a 12-yard touchdown against Minnesota in the first quarter.

Iowa RB Akrum Wadley goes 18 yards for the touchdown against Illinois.

Iowa RB Akrum Wadley takes the quick pass and finds the end zone against Illinois.

Iowa's Akrum Wadley runs in for a 9-yard touchdown against Michigan State in the second quarter.

Iowa's Akrum Wadley runs for a 35-yard touchdown against Penn State in the fourth quarter.

Penn State forces a safety after taking down Iowa's Akrum Wadley in the end zone in the second quarter.

Iowa RB Akrum Wadley has his TD called back due to a unsportsmanlike conduct call.